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Camera won't connect to PC

Trying to connect my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42 to 3 different laptops I get the same error message "Picture is displayed for 4:3 TV for 16:9 Setup or TV Aspect" symbols appear. We used to be able to upload fine - why the problem now? Without lead connected I can take photos, as soon as lead plugged into camera (not necessarily into PC) get this error message. Please help!

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Jo Howman, the owners manual describes this error as follows;" PICTURE IS DISPLAYED FOR 4:3 TV]/[PICTURE IS DISPLAYED FOR 16:9 TV

• The AV cable is connected to the camera.

Press [MENU/SET] if you want to delete this message at once.

Select [TV ASPECT] in the [SETUP] menu to change the TV aspect. (P27)

This message also appears when the USB connection cable is connected to the camera only. In this case, connect the other end of the USB connection cable to a PC or a printer. (P96, 99)

The setup for the aspect ratio is well described in the manual. you can download it from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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