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build mac from old macs

I would like to build a powerful tower mac from multiple macbooks. I own a Macbook 13" 2009 model. And my brother owns a faulty older 13" model (1 previous gen).

I'm planning on buying a G5 tower to put these parts in.

My question(s) is, if this is do-able, not asking if it's easy or such. Just wanna know if I can do it.

The main goal is to transfer the logic board of this one into the tower, including many of the parts in this macbook. I also want to integrate the infrared module that came with my brother's old macbook, since I want to use the remote control.

The latter is probably a bit harder to do, I think because the logic board has no infrared port.

I could also go for a newer logic board and start from there. Depends on what you geniuses think ;)

This may not be the ideal site to ask this question, but i see so many good repair guides up here, one of which helped me a lot!

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You can put the logic board in any enclosure you want. The problem I see is that it's not really upgradeable. You can'r change the RAM amount outside of upgrading to the max your book will take, processor of video card. You can't use a a G5 power supply. You could set it up to be able to use the power on button. You can also rig up USB & firewire ports. Use and external keyboard via USB port. Use the DVI cable to hook up an external monitor. Mount the AC adapter inside the case. You could mount a small power strip inside and plug in your AC adapter and the guts to an external optical drive, and external USB and firewire drives. According to which MacBooks you have you may need to mount the airport antenna and rig a port for the ethernet. You can use the optical drives internal port as another hard drive bus.

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Where do you plan on hooking it up to your logic board if your machine didn't have IR? Instead of changing the question, I suggest adding a comment since that would be more noticeable.


I commented first, after 2 days of an unanswered comment I changed the question. My bad.

So bottom line, no way to hook that IR module up?

If not I'll just use this Logic board as a temporary replacement for another one. Could you point me towards a recent Logic board that has IR module hook up points? If you'd be so kind ;)


I did a search for "infrared receiver" in the parts section and it shows seven:


I own an older Macbook as well, i think it's an A1181 Macbook. Can I use that receiver and hook it up onto the logic board?


Look in the lower case and see if it's there. Use it if you find it. There are 17 machines in the A1181 model:


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