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Charge 2 USB devices with 1 charger!

I have a 10 Watt USB charger that came with my iPad and I wish to charge both an iPad and an iPod touch at the same time! I tried a USB hub but that didn't work! I also dont want to buy anything extra! Any ideas?

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What you want is the XtremeMac Incharge Duo 2.1 amp Dual Charging Dock which allows you to charge your Ipad and iPhone touch at the same time.

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Thats helpful but i need a solution that doesn't require me to spend any cash!


@ Jeremy Scalpello, probably not, unless you rewire your USB hub. Take a look at this site There is much more to charging an iDevice than a USB port. You also want to check on and study the wiring for the dock connector. Unless you have all the parts in your possession, you will have to spend some $$. Either charge the devices separately, or go the way Gary suggested. Good Luck


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Even if you split the output to two devices sending 5W to each device, the iPad won't charge. It needs all 10 watts. It might RUN on 5 watts, but not charge. The iPod however will charge double-time with 10 watts, so charge that first.

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