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Guides and repair information for the second-generation of the North American Honda Odyssey, produced between 1999 and 2004.

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My rear AC vents not working

The AC vents are not blowing in the rear of my 2001 odessey. I have checked the fuses and they look okay. What should I do next?

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Do you have a dual system in your vehicle or does it all run off of one blower motor? When you turn on the rear AC can you hear it turn on or is the fan running at all?


I have a 03 odyssey i changed the ac compressor and the expansion valve now it blows out cold air in the front vents but when i turn on my rear ac it blows out hot air what can it be?


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George, not sure which fuse you checked. Check fuse number #60 in the multi fuse relay box (located on the left front of the engine compartment) It is a 40Amp fuse. Also check fuse #3 on the driver's side underdash fuse box. It is a 7.5 Amp fuse that goes to your Rear heater A/C mode control motor. It is on the back side of the rear blower unit. If you get power to the rear blower motor, check the blower resistor, which is attached on the rear of the blower unit.

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"Rear side trim removal

Removal & Installation 2001-04 Models


Put on gloves to protect your hands. When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape to prevent damage. Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.

1. Remove the rear side trim panel of the right side, as follows:

1. Remove the trim as shown.

2. To remove the rear side trim panel, remove the speaker grille and rear speaker.

3. When removing the side trim panels, be sure to remove the mounting screws behind the rear speakers.

4. Be sure to disconnect the rear accessory socket and brake light failure sensor connectors when removing the left rear trim panel.

5. Remove the self-tapping screws and the rear blower motor. Remove the self-tapping screws and the rear blower resistor. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I did check both of these fuses and they are good. Where is the blower unit for the rear and how do I access it?


what about if the blower is working but no air is coming from any of the vents....


I'm having this same problem. Blower is on fuse are good but no hot air blowing. Only comes out cold when I switch it to cold.


Pito734, i have a 2003 odyssey, and my heat always blew from the top, but now for some reason it only blows from the bottom, so im not sure, but mines working now...have you checked your rear settings to make sure dial is turned to red?


@blair183 yup I checked and there in the red and also the front climate control for the back also in red I get no heat from the rear blower is running but when I switch it to cold air it blows out cold air but not hot air..


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2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L A/C good front and back only problem is the rear blows A/C at your feet. It refuses to blow through the ceiling vents

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Did you figure out how to solve your problem I'm having the same issue in a 2001


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