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Model A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, or 1.5 GHz G4 processor

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dvd stuck in drive/ software remedies don't work. How to remove?

How to eject a dvd stuck in the drive?

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DO NOT remove the disk by force.

All Apple keyboards have an eject key, usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Press the eject key to eject the CD or DVD from the drive.

On any keyboard, press and hold the F12 key until the CD or DVD is ejected from the drive. This may take several seconds.

Click on the desktop icon for the CD or DVD, and drag it to the trash.

Some applications, such as iTunes, Disk Utility, and Toast, have an eject command in a menu or toolbar. Launch the application and use the eject command to eject the CD or DVD.

When all else fails, click and hold the mouse button while restarting your Mac.

If this fails I have other more involved options, please let me know.

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Boot into Open Firmware and eject If you have a Mac that will not startup properly and has a stuck disc, try booting into Open Firmware by holding down Command, Option, O key and F key during startup. After booting into Open Firmware, type the command eject-cd.

Using the Terminal There are two commands that can be used in the Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities) which can be used to force disk ejection:

The first command to try is drutil tray eject. Simply type in this command and press return.

The other method takes a little more work but can work in instances where the first method fails. But is to long to post here.


I went ahead and assumed from the title that the poster had already tried all of the above- hence my more "drastic" solutions.


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Well, you can always try a thin pair of tweezers. If that doesn't work, try taking it to the nearest Apple store- they might be able to get it out. If you're feeling adventurous, you could take the Mini apart to get the disc drive, which could then be opened following this method.

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Good point- I was thinking along the lines of "The drive is dead, I want the CD back."


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Thanks Mayer & Josh... I tried all of the above & nothing worked. The problem I think is that the disk is in there but it does not appear on the desktop. What is that other Terminal command? Thanks, Joe

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Last shot before removing the drive and opening it:

The other method takes a little more work but can work in instances where the first method fails.

Type the command drutil list into the Terminal and press return . This will provide a list of all currently connected removable devices. [ScreenShot 1-DiskEject] -- connect FireWire/USB drives for this

Use the command drutil tray eject 1

In the above command, the number "1" should be replaced with whatever drive number you obtained in the first step.

Enabling an Eject menu As a side note, you can enable another means of ejecting disks by opening the folder System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras and double-clicking the file "". An eject icon will appear in the menubar that can be used to close and open selected optical drives.

If you no longer want the Eject menubar item, hold down the command key while clicking and dragging the icon out of the menubar space.


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Try this if if the superdrive is kaputt....

It works even without the opening of imac, as shownin the video

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