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First generation Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, available with 16, 32, or 64 GB. Model Number A1219. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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iPad 1st Gen - replaced glass but it's not a tight fit?

Replaced the glass in a 1st Gen WiFi, no issues with the replacement but it's not a tight fit. There is some give and when you hold it, you can feel the front glass over depress at some spots.

The replacement came with new clips which I used, and I tried to ensure that the small rubber cushion bits were reapplied in the same locations on the new cover.

Any advice as to what I can do to resolve this, have ordered new clips so I can remove and refit properly but not sure where I went wrong!

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When you were removing the glass did you warp the aluminum sides of the iPad. This can leave a gap and not allow the screen to sit flush.


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It is possible that:

the clips are not seated well

The outer aluminum frame is slightly bent from previous removal

rubber cushions are not seated properly

Sometimes it just doesn't fit perfectly too. It's like repairing anything, just because you replace the bad part doesn't make the item brand new or perfect. It is likely that removing and putting new clips in may not fix it either. Sadly, sometimes that is just how it works and it is just never the same.

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