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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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My computer dont download & runs slow

I get online & loads pages slow ..also when I attept to dowload it takes forever just for like 126 mb ....

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Not knowing more about the background of this issue I'll start with pointing out internet speed is a function of traffic (that's why it's called the "internet highway"). Wireless speed is normally a fraction (approx 1/10th or less) of wired cable. You gain not being tied to a wire, but the cost is a drop in speed.

If you've ever use a splitter on a garden hose think of it like that. Suppose you want to fill a swimming pool, you could use a 4" fire hose and it would take minutes, (wired cable) or a home garnden 3/4" hose and it would take most of the day (wireless). You could put a splitter on the garden hose and use TWO 3/4" hoses at once, but in reality you've reduced the water flow, not doubled it.

Wireless works like that. Wireless speed decreases the farther you are away from the router, and the more users the router shares. ALSO in peer to peer networks there may be sources dropping on and off the network slowing speed. OR a sever could be getting many requests for the same file and is alternating sending pieces between the clients.

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