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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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Where to find replacement parts for lightning connector unit & speaker

Hi there,

on my iphone SE 2020 the microfone and speaker aren’t working properly. I can find the instruction for the replacement here on ifxit but not the replacement parts. Does anybody know where I can find the lightning connector unit (which should include the microfone as far as I know!?) and a new speaker on the top of the phone?

This are the instructions to clarify whitch parts I mean:

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, looking around you have multiple options, unfortunately most of them are third party because apples self repair is a joke.

I believe that the 2020 is a gen 2 iphone se so looking on amazon i found these: (and yes this does include the bottom mic) - unfortunately i coudnt find just the speaker, if you have other 3rd party websites try them as going through apple is not going to be realistic.

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Thank you very much for your help and the quick answer!


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You can typically find replacement parts for your iPhone SE 2020, including the lightning connector unit and the speaker, from various online retailers specializing in phone repair parts. Websites like iFixit, eBay, Amazon, or specific phone repair parts suppliers often stock these components. Ensure to search for parts compatible with your specific iPhone model to guarantee compatibility. If you're uncertain about sourcing the parts or require assistance with the repair process, feel free to consult with a professional phone repair technician or contact Apple support for guidance.

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