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Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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After spill no internal video but external video works.

A bottle of pop had a leakage in my bag where my MacBook Pro also was. So I dried it but it started behaving strange. Suddenly the video went black and it would not charge. I took it to a Apple service center and they said the logic board was bad. (no guarantee, a fortune of money).

I replaced the Magsafe card since there was no light when I connected a charger. The MBP starts up now and works fine - on external screen only. The internal screen is black.

I then purchased a new LVDS (video) cable and changed it. Cleaned the connector on the logic board. No luck. I even tried with a known working display. Internal video is just black.

So I guess there is no use to buy a new LCD? Does anyone know if the logic board can be damaged in a way that external video works but internal does not?

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I read somewhere that this can be WLED driver chip + booster circuit + fuse on the board. Anyone with experience?


Hey ABC Cellars. You left us when we needed you most! Do you have a picture of the fuse? Do you know who can fix this if it is difficult? Can you do it?


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With the system running and the laptop's display being used - Take a flashlight or light and point it to the display. Look for faint images on the screen of your desktop or what ever should be displayed at that point. If there are faint images then then the problem is most likely related to the WLED driver & booster circuitry. If there are no images then the problem is something else or you have multiple problems.

Please tell us the results. Do you know how to use a multimeter and do you have one? What kind of optics do you have?

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Thanks for helping out! I tried the flashlight and I can see the login screen. So there is no backlight. I have a multimeter but not sure how to use it. Is this something I can repair myself? What do you mean with optics?


By optics I mean something to magnify what you are looking at, such as magnifying glass, loupe, stereo microscope, etc... The fuse to this system is a smd 402 package which is only 1mm long and half that wide. So it is very small it is black with a white dot on it. I will try to get a picture up of where it has been located on other similar boards. It is good to hear that it is the backlight. Hopefully the fuse is the only problem.


Wow. I am very optimistic now! Yes I have all kinds of magnifying glasses, even with lights :-) Looking forward to see the picture. Hope there is not difficult soldering involved because I am not very good at that.


I am having the same problem - spilled water, external video works, and with a bright light I can see everything on the internal display.

So what am I to do? Is the display to be replaced or should I replace the upper case? Or is it possible to repair the fuse? Could you, ABCellars post the picture you were speaking of?


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asle, sorry to butt in. May be this will help "OK for all the people with no backlight on a macbook pro 15" unibody.

first of all thanks to the man with the schematic....

I take it you have checked the flurecent and inverter allready and both are ok.

on the logic board there is a fuse that supply's the voltage/ currant to the backlight circuit...its F9800.Its located on the board near the botom of the left fan on the component side of the board.(same side that has the cpu and gpu on it).

the fuse is a smd and its white with just a dot on it.get your multimeter and if its open circuit thats you problem." and "On the 13 MBP it is actually on the other side of the board from the CPU and GPU which makes it very convenient to check. It is a 2A fuse in an 0402 package so it is tiny." Check on here for further information. the schematics they are talking about is on here Hope this helps, good luck

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