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Released in June 2016 with the internal code name of GP104-200-A1, the GTX 1070 features 7.2 billion transistors along with 8 GB of GDDR5 video memory.

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Why can't I find replacement screws for the 1070ti?

So I was trying to place the parts of the 1070ti together the second time after I cleaned it. But when I was putting the plates back together, one of the tiny screws of the plate broke up with the standoff screw. It's head was broken off, so I had to use clear tape to "bandage it up". Right now, I can't seem to find a replacement online. Any help or link to those tiny screws (and the one stand-off screw) would be nice.

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This is for a 1080 but my assumption is they will use the same screws as the 1070.

Page 3 of the manual gives you images of the screws along with a table for their size and OEM part number.

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Thank you so much! do i have to contact EVGA to ask a replacement for that screw. Or do i have to find a manufacturer that sells these?


@tigerblaze You should be able to take the screw size from the manual and show it to someone at a store like Fastenal (or maybe a local hardware store) who can find you a comparable size. Alternatively a google search should pull some some results from an eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. I wouldn't go to EVGA unless those two options don't work, since it'll likely take significantly longer.


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