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An economy SUV by Mazda, not the greatest sport utility vehicle in the world, just a Tribute. Made in the USA by Ford Motor Company. Simply a rebadged Ford Escape.

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Why doesn't my factory amp and sub work after I replaced my stereo

Why won't my factory sub and amp work after I replace my stereo with an aftermarket pioneer double din stereo

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What year is your vehicle so I can pull up a radio schematic. It is likely you have connected something wrong.

  1. Did you purchase a harness connector or did you simply try to splice the new unit in?
  2. Is the remote wire usually a blue wire with a white stripe connected to the proper wire on the factory harness side to send a signal to the factory amp to turn on when the radio is powered on. The blue wire on the aftermarket harness is connected to the orange w/ blue stripe on the factory harness in some of these years.
  3. without a car year, I am pretty limited to what help I can give you.



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