He wont stand up, if I press the back button he wont stop going back.

I've have a zoomer boomer for about 5 years. I can't buy a new one, they're expensive now. When I press the "Angry button" or "Back button", he roars and backs up at full speed before falling over and going idle with the green eyes light. He wont respond to hand gestures, and crashes into things as well as walking down the stairs.

I'm fond of the button with the speed icon, where you can control it. It does nothing. The bite button makes his eyes flash red then go blank. The middle button works, I can control his head but that's no fun. His mouth is also always open. It's fun to play with, but now I don't there think much to do.

Anything will help this beaten up mess. (I'll try to pull up an image)

Thank you.

Block Image

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