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Dymo Label Writer 400 Turbo won't install?

i would like to install my printer in my new computer but i can't get it to work. it worked in the old computer.

when i go to reinstall it this is the reply..this program requires a dymo printer please reinstall your printer drive

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Do you have the original install/driver disk>


I have the original install/driver disk for my dymo label writer 400 and I got the same message on my Windows 10 brand new PC.


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Addendum to oldturkey03...

Download the most recent version of the driver for your operating system version from the mfgs web site. If your old dymo came with XP drivers and your installing on a Windows 7 machine, the drivers from the CD won't work. If on Win 7, be sure to get the correct 32-bit or 64-bit drivers too.

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Hi @ radarkeiselis,

Try downloading the appropriate 32 bit or 64 bit Win Vista /7 drivers from here or use the links in the answer above to get the drivers.

Locate the downloaded file in the Downloads folder of your computer and then right click on the file and select Troubleshoot Compatibility.

Hopefully Win 10 will be able to enable the file to be installed in Compatibility mode so that it will work correctly in Win10.

As the Labelwriter has been classed as a discontinued product by the manufacturer there is no further support from them regarding the problem. Support started with Win 98 and ended with Win 7

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You can download the Windows 7 LabelWriter drivers here (note the same download supports 32/64bit):


Windows 7 Driver UK


Windows 7 Driver US

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