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The Bajaj Discover is a motorcycle brand by Bajaj Auto. Currently there are four variants of Discover- Discover 100 DTS-Si,Discover 125 DTS-i,Discover 125ST and Discover 150 DTS-i.

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My bike did smoke 5 to 10 seconds after that no smoke why

When i start my bike it start white smoke 5 to 10 second after that it went to normal how

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@abhishekvines sounds like it is burning some oil. Check your valves and valve seals. You can do that with a compression test and a leak-down test. Let us know what exact model your Bajaj is.

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Its ct100 and all of this is fine


@abhishekvines what compression did it show and what did the leakdown test reveal. It will be time to replace the valve seals


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