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Xbox One won't read Disc

My original Xbox One will no longer read discs saying they are dirty or scratched, even if they're brand new discs. I've taken apart my Xbox One and opened up the disc drive, but I don't see any damage or missing parts as far as I can tell. I was thinking it was maybe the Optical Drive Laser but that seems to be fine and isn't moving freely. I'm not sure what to do now, other than replace the optical drive laser anyway or maybe its just needs to be cleaned?

I know the other option is to replace the motherboard and the disc drive, but they have to be paired together. I'm not sure if that involves soldering, but I can't solder and don't want to mess it up.

I've attached pictures of my disc drive.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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So nobody here bothered to answer my question or help me, so I basically had to trouble shoot myself. So if anyone is having problems with their disc drive reading disc this is what I did. After disassembling my Xbox One, the first thing I did was order an Xbox One disc drive from Amazon. The IFixIt Store also has Xbox One Optical Disc Lasers for $10, but they are out of stock. IFixIt also has Disc Drives for $60. I picked up this Optical Disc Laser off of Amazon: Blu-Ray Disk Drive Replacement Lite-On DG-6M1S-01B DG-6M1S 6M2S B150 Laser for Xbox One : Video Games

Once I got my Optical Drive Laser I took it apart and removed the optical disc laser from the replacement disc drive. That wasn't the only part I removed however, as I also removed this part from my original drive and swapped it for the one from the replacement drive:

Block Image

I did this because I noticed while it was in my original disc drive the white piece moved freely with lots of wiggle room. When I removed it from my original disc drive the white piece also popped right off from the black piece which isn't something that the new piece did at all.

Block Image

When I put the new piece in my original disc drive it did not move around as much and held the disc in place while allowing it to spin, which I believe it should do, if anyone can confirm that feel free to do so. The original did not do this, so I believe whatever piece that is went bad.

I replaced that piece and I also replaced the optical disc laser just in case. When I put my Xbox One back together it started to read disc again. Although there still seems to be some hiccups here and there where I will have to pop the disc out and put it in a second or third time before it reads it. I'm also not sure if this is a problem on the game side or the Xbox side, but I have noticed some games particularly Battlefield games, specifically Battlefield 1 multiplayer is having persistent error -34601 and when playing backwards compatibility games it says this console can not connect to Xbox Live. I don't know why this is occurring, because Xbox One connects to Xbox Live just fine and I can join my friends parties and play Multiplayer on several other games.

I also caution anyone that while disassembling your disc drive to replace the optical disc laser and whatever that black plastic part is, to be careful that you don't pull the red and black cables out from the pcb board and the drive itself because then you will need to solder them back on or find someone to do it for you.

That's it for me, I seem to have fixed my Xbox One's disc drive all thanks to myself and if you have a similar problem try trouble shooting what I did. Especially check that black plastic piece to see if it is loose and wiggles freely.

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The fix seems to have been temporary as I'm already having some problems with my disc drive reading discs again.


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