Disc Drive Won't Read Any Discs, Could Not Know What The Issue is

My first year Xbox One system's disc drive / optical drive doesn't read discs anymore for the past years, each time a disc is inserted it will grind harshly with a sudden slot noise but nothing else after, at first if I spent about 10 mins ejecting the disc then reinserting it at some point would just read, however currently it just won't indefinitely. It almost seems better to just buy an entirely separate replacement drive itself as I could not know what the issue would be, if it's the laser, I have no soldering skills, and if it's a an out of place gear, I wouldn't know how to place them back together as they were. Could just any OEM optical drive on ebay listings be safe to trust getting to replace? What key details and info should I be on the look out for real, good condition and compatible optical drive replacements online? I've disassembled an Xbox One before so I imagine all it would take is to reconnect the wires the drive is bound to.

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