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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ DS (SM-G965) - Charging daughter board replacement

Hello there, I have Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual Sim (SM-G965) and I am need to replace charging daughter board. I found "Item # IF404-033-1", but I am unsure will it work on dual sim version of the phone. Will it work or is there dual sim version charging board or can you tell me what should I get

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Hi @mislavozanic

Not sure about the ifixit part, but search online for GH97-21682A to find suppliers for the charge port board for a G9+(SM-G965F) if that is your model

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In phone it says that model, but its dual sim phone, so dose that matter or?



The full model number of the phone is at the very bottom on the back of the phone. It's positioned underneath where it reads “Designed & Engineered by Samsung.

The part number I linked above works for both single SIM and dual SIM if the model is an SM-G965F

They use the same charge port board for an SMG965F (single SIM - Global, Europe), an SM- G965F/DS (dual SIM - Global, Europe), and an SM-G965W (Canada)

There is a different charge port board for an SM-G965U (USA).

Then another different charge port port again for an SM-G9650 (China, Latin America)

They are all Galaxy S9+ models but maybe not all dual SIM


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