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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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I no longer have access to my shared iTunes account (Divorced)

I no longer have access to my shared iTunes account (Divorced). My iPod has priceless photos of my kids as well with my music. I used to have a program called "Last Resort" or something that worked when I cracked a screen. Sadly, That program is long gone and I fear a total loss. I do need to change a battery on this one as well so I'm trying to save what I can before I attempt replacing anything.

Thanks in advance, Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So, what specifically do you need help with?


I cannot sync my older library (on my Gen 7 Classic) to my newer PC. I think That syncing will overwrite my old pictures, movies and music and I cannot replace these photos. My ex changed the password and never told me the new one.

Thanks, I didn't realize how vague my question was..


@markoh81773 Is it set so you can browse the device folders in Windows File Explorer?


Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Its always good to take time to for yourself and recharge. I don't think that I'll be able to retire and that's something that I have made peace with. Besides, too many stories about some poor dude getting run over by a bus in his first week of retirement. You seem like a wise one and I'm sure that those around you will keep you busy enough.

Thanks again..


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@markoh81773 you did select an iPod 6th gen Classic. Try to place that in diskmode and see if your computer can access the files without entering a password.

To put your iPod in Disk Mode:

Hold down the Select and Menu buttons continuously for around 6 seconds. When the iPod reset and the Apple logo comes up, press the Select and Play buttons down for 6 seconds.

If you can see the files, be aware that the file structure is different. It will look odd compared to what you are used to.

The other thing you could try is to get a USB-to_Zif connector and remove the HDD form the iPod. Connect it to your computer with the adapter which will then allow you to access the drive as a regular external drive, and therefore get you access to your files.

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I checked my series number and it looks like it is the 7 Classic 160GB and not the 6 . I Even found the receipt. I'm not much of a tech geek but can follow basic steps. I really appreciate the help and don't want to lose the few precious pics I have. Is the disc mode an option for the 7th Gen as well? The battery is shot and I'll need to replace that as well but wanted to try getting a copy of all the files first.

Thanks again !!


@markoh81773 yes, it will work for that version as well.


It sounds like we are a lot alike. Not much growing up, take care of what little you DO have and try to be helpful to others. .I'm 55 soon and just went back on an ambulance full time. The job is a reminder of just how lucky I am.

Thanks Old Turk.. I appreciate it. I may just try the quick option first as I'm not too confident in refurbishing. Great at teardowns.. Re-Assembly.. not so


@markoh81773 it's a bit of a bear to open but the guides on here are pretty good. Get a nice new putty knife and it'll be ok.

Time to almost retire for me. Been a long haul and it's time to sit back and stop chasing the mighty $$$


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