Protocol of the '4-pin accessory connector'?

Any insight on what protocol the 4-pin accessory connector on the back uses? Could it simply be USB 2.0?

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One pin has power and one has to be ground. The other two are probably either Data+ and Data+ or Audio Left/Mono and ground.


Agree, that is why I'm hoping for something like USB 2.0. Received mine today, so I'll at some point see if I can probe the internal parts of the stand.


Took it apart. The connectors are ground, 12v and two data lines (3v3 logic levels). Couldn't determine the signal type, but it was some kind of differential signalling - could still be USB or maybe UART.

The assembly was actually pretty straight forward. Bottom is held on with double sided tape. Screws are color coded and is using either T5 or T6 torx. Two of them are in a 70mm deep counterbore hole. I 3D printed an adapter for the ifixit bits to fit on a screwdriver in order to reach them.

The tablet charges just fine with 12V applied to the connectors!


Head Unit Reloaded app recognizes it as "Amlogic Korlan" USB device


Is anyone able to figure out the protocol?


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