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A crossover SUV by Honda introduced in 2002 for the model year 2003. The first generation was produced until 2007 when the car received a redesign.

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Does this mean I have to change the relay?

I do not see a fuse for the horn on my 2003 Pilot. I see a relay. Does this mean I have to change the relay? The horn died on me with no warning. Thanks for your answers.

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check fuse #11 in the under the hood fuse box. After that check to see if your relay works when you push the horn button. Here is all you ever wanted to know about the horn on your Pilot. It should help with the diagnostic and the repair. Pilot Horn

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Thanks a bunch. I don't think the under the hood fuse box has numbers but the one on the driver's side in the cabin does so I'll check that.


@andrewwinte4546 just double check the fuses under the hood as well. They may not have numbers but definitely check them out.


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