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One of a line of hand vacuum pumps made by MityVac, the MV8000 pump comes as a kit along with hoses, adapters, fluid reservoirs for tasks like bleeding clutch cylinders, etc.

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won't build vacuum when handle released

Hi I just recently bought this pump and for whatever reason it is able to pull vacuum if i hold the handle down but when i release the handle the vacuum restores to no-vacuum - not sure what the issue is - i have disassembled and cleaned the entire unit and no signs of brake fluid or debris. Seals all look new as the unit is brand new with the exception of 1 time use which at that time it worked great - but no brake fluid has been in the gun

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It sounds as if one of the check valves isn't working correctly or for some reason you need to prime it. If I'm not mistaken tho the pump must be hooked up inorder to work and must have at least some fluid in the reservoir to creat and maintain a vacuum.

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