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iPhone thinks it's docked. No Sound From Apps, But phone rings


After some water damage my iPhone 4s thinks it's docked and it isn't. there is no sound from apps/youtube/music and no volume bar. but the phone rings when someone calling.

I tried to replace the dock but it didn't help.

when i make a short on the dock connector pins it's back working normally for couple of hours.

Please help.

Thanks :)

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Which pins do you shorten out on the dock connector?


I have exactly the same problem. Can you recommend a site for advice on removing the parts to be cleaned?


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The first thing to try in cases like this is a reset of the phone. To do this, hold the power and home button together until the phone turns off. Once that happens, release both buttons and let the phone start up again. Once the phone is started up, see if it's still happening.

If you are still having issues, the problem likely lies with the 30-pin connector. While you can try cleaning it with 91% isopropyl alcohol, the replacements are incredibly cheap, but can be cleaned by letting them soak in alcohol while scrubbing the gold contacts on the connector to clean them up. If you just want to replace the connector, the part can be found here. The guide can be found here.

if that does not work, the phone has a motherboard problem. At this point, it's usually cheaper to pick up another 4S used or purchase a newer model like the 5s for a little more money then you would pay for a 4s.

iPhone 4S Dock Connector afbeelding


iPhone 4S Dock Connector


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That was the problem fixed it myself in 2 min. Clean toothbrush 91 % Isapropal. Make sure you you not soak the phone and it is totally dry before powering up.

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laTake a flashlight and look at the dock connecter. If you see any Green on the dock connecter try to scrape it it off with a plastic spudger also use 91% alcohol with a q-tip to try to get corrosion off. If all else fells take it to apple to try to get a new phone. Hope you bought the extended warranty.

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thank you for the answer but i already tried to replace the dock connector and it didn't help. i have no warranty on the iPhone since i bought it when i was abroad.


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