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I have a check engine light? the code I have is a p2716.

how can i fix this. what should i look for when trying to diagnose the problem

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@juliogonza20517 the best with any of these codes is to proeprly investigate. I am sure that by now you know the code standas for

P2716 Toyota Code - Pressure Control Solenoid 'D' Electrical

Code P2716 Possible Causes:

Low transmission fluid level

Dirty transmission fluid

Faulty Pressure Control Solenoid 'D' valve (Shift Solenoid Valve SLT)

Pressure Control Solenoid 'D' valve harness is open or shorted

Pressure Control Solenoid 'D' valve circuit poor electrical connection

Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM)

From here The best is to checks with those that have dealt with the error. Definitely check on here for some really good explanations.

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