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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Why is my car not firing after replacing distributor and relay?

Replaced distributor,fuel pump relay and checked fuses still no spark

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Was car running before you changed those? If not then I would say check your timing, if your timing is off or if you moved disturber before you got everything in place then it is off timing. Find your number 1 spark plug take it out, then crank moter click by click until the piston on number one is top dead center, that is stuck a screw driver in the number one plug hole crank motor click by click until you can fell the piston push screwdriver up as far as it will go, then stop that is your top dead center, now you must loosen bolt to distributer and slowly turn your number one plug on distributer towards the number one spark plug hole where your screwdriver is, then tighten down distributer and replace spark plug and cable then see if it will run right. If not your timing belt could be broke, and that is another whole ball game.

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This is only if your timing is off or belt is broke to why it won't start but there are other reasons why it won't run now. Biggest thing a person needs to know is why did you change these things because that helps a person to know more of what is going on and how to answer you.


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