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Also known as the LG Chromebase 22CV241, the LG Chromebase 22" is an education-focused device that was released in May of 2014.

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Can you upgrade the ssd and what type is it?

I have seen the open case but I cannot locate the ssd. where is it and what type? also can it be upgraded to a larger one?

Update (05/22/23)

lg chromebase model lg 22cv241

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@danielcardinale What is the model number of your computer?


Go into your "about" in settings


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It is possible that the ssd is an eMMC soldered to the motherboard.

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The ssd is most likely non replaceable like @visualwit suggested, however for some reason it has a normal laptop ram slot. So you could upgrade to 8gb of ddr3. If you want more storage your best option is to keep a high capacity sd card or flash drive in it.

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