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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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Yamaha psr-293 keys and buttons not working

I have a PSR-293 (old) that I turned on for the first time today. I have no knowledge of keyboards and have no idea what could be wrong. I put all the batteries in (completely new and placed in correct direction) turned it on and it was fine but then the keys stopped working out of nowhere. I turned it off and back on and they immediately started working again and the same thing happened. It's after like 1 minute or less that it just stops working and doesn't work again until the next time I turn it on. It was like that until it just stopped working all together, the keys work randomly only after being turned off and on, not everytime it's turned on. The buttons don't work at all no matter what I press, and the screen doesn't say anything, just has the keyboard layout and no words or numbers or anything. The SONG, ESA, STYLE, and VOICE keys light up randomly and the keys only work when SONG and VOICE are both on. I think it's the keyboard itself as the first time I tried turning it on with a cord it didn't do anything AT ALL but if there's a a fix lmk. Idk what to do, please elp.

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@arialmartinez the expert on keyboards is @hellomacos and hopefully he'll pick your question up. Until then, I would start by running the test program and see what it tells you. Here is the SM Yamaha PSR 293 Smfor your keyboard and page #22 tells you how to run it and what it all means. Not much, but a start. The issue itself sounds like it is related to the power supply board.

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Thanks for tagging me in on this one👍👍👍

It’s greatly appreciated:-)


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First I would try the test that @oldturkey03 mentioned as it could point you towards the culprit

If that doesn’t see anything I would open it up and check the board that connects to the keybed(bit with the keys on it)

I would keep a eye out for loose connections,corrosion,burned components and bulging capacitors (tall cylinders that stick out from a board)

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I'm really not sure how to do that. After unscrewing everything that could be unscrewed, nothing came off loosely and I don't want to break anything trying to pry and pull. If that's what I'm meant to do, I'd rather try it with the possibility of fixing it than just have a broken keyboard but if not I don't wanna ruin it before even attempting to go to a repairman or something.



I see what your saying

If you are unsure I would take it to a repair place :-)


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