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HP Pavilion dv6z 300 LEDs and fan turn on, display is completely black

I've been having trouble with my display for a few months now. It will occasionally decide not to turn on. Today it will not turn on at all. Everything is in perfect condition otherwise. I've tried reinstalling the RAM, Hard Drive, doing a hard reset, ect. I've seen similar HP models that have the same problem. I'm considering taking it apart and checking all the connections to the display. Any advice? Thanks ahead of time!

I have also noticed the caps lock key blinks too and the hard drive indicator is static

Update: I disassembled the whole thing and made sure the connections were okay, reseated the Processor, et cetera, with the same result. At this point not knowing whether it's the CPU or the motherboard, I don't think I'm going to go any further. It's gonna cost me more than it's worth. Thanks anyway for the help.

R. I. P. My PC.

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Does it make any noise when you press the startup button?


I can hear the fan, and the disk drive if I happen to have a DVD in.


Have you tried an external monitor? Check the answers on this question Why does power go off immediately after turning it on? and see if that will help you out. Good Luck.


Thank you. I might try that. I've also noticed that the caps lock light is blinking, and other lights that should be showing the status of a device (i. e. hard disk) are instead static.


Marcus Bizal, let us know what you find. I keep wondering if you are running into the GPU error....


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Try running it with different or a single RAM module. This often works to determine if one (or both) RAM modules are bad. The blinking caps lock light usually means the RAM or motherboard has failed on an HP laptop. Both are plausible, especially if yours includes a dedicated GPU.

If you continue having problems, the next thing I’d recommend is cleaning the RAM module pins and blowing out any dust in the slots with canned air. If this doesn’t work, purchase some a matched RAM set; RAM should not be mixed and matched if you can avoid it. If this works, throw the original RAM out. Do not keep it around as it has an intermittent failure.

If the RAM doesn't fix it, the GPU is bad. It isn’t worth trying to repair this since the only way to permanently fix it is a new motherboard that has never been reflowed or a GPU replacement done at a shop that does BGA rework. On top of that, many HP laptops are known to kill the GPU’s due to excessive heat since they don’t know how to cool a dedicated GPU correctly (On top of that, they are known to sell defective laptops with known problems). This happened with the 2007 DV Series; it took a lawsuit for them to fix it and make things right and they still found a way to screw owners of these bad laptops over; they only covered one GPU for free, even though both are known to fail.

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I did everything you said, same result. Thank you for your help anyway.


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