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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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How would I go about repairing my tv?

Hi, I have a Sharp tv, model #: LC-50LB481C. I've done several kinds of tests. Hard resets, leave unplugged for a few minutes, plug things with their own video source (like a video game console) into different HDMI ports etc,. The screen is completely dark but I can see the screen if I shine lights on it, this tells me I have a backlight problem. How would I go about fixing it? Does Ifixit sell parts for that and if not do you know where I can get parts either in Canada or shipped to Canada?

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Hi, I found this here on ifixit Sharp LC-50LB481U replaced bad LED's, still no backlight!-RESOLVED

I also found this site that seems to be shipping out of the us, shopjimmy, otherwise there are plenty of eBay items.

Hope it is to any help.

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Thanks, I'll have to pick up a few things so I can test if its either the strips or powerboard when I take apart the tv.


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