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A gaming PC is a personal computer specifically designed and optimized for playing video games.

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My pc suddenly restarts and then the monitor turn no signal after

So my pc are suddenly restarting or crashing these past few weeks but every time it restarts it always backs to normal so I thought it might be the auto restart feature of my pc so I try to turn it off, but the problem still haven't fix until these last week I think April 18 or 19 of 2023 when my pc suddenly restart and it says in the monitor no signal and my mouse lights are off too so I try to power it off and clean the RAM slot and using some pencil eraser to my RAM. It works though the problem still happen just tomorrow night so I try to the same solution again and it didn't work so I try to remove the CMOS and put it back after a minute, it fixes my problem then it happen again after a few days and when I try to do the both solution I did before, I'm shock because it didn't work after that I just waited a day then try turn it on, my pc is working back to normal again but it still suddenly restarts and the no signal problem happen more often so try to take it to a person who knows more about pc and he says that maybe because of the OS(windows 11) or my ssd so I ask him if he could reformat it and turn it back to Windows 10. I thought my problem is gonna be solved but the problem is still there. Should I buy a new ssd or look if its problem in my other hardware? I'm really sorry for my bad grammar English is not may native language

P.s I've been using this pc for almost a three years now I got this pc way back 2019 just months after the pandemic starts

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Hi @vermyre,

What is the make and model number of the PC or the motherboard if a custom build?

When the PC is working:

  • Run an sfc /scannow command to make sure that the system files are all OK.
  • Check in Event Viewer, for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at about the same time that the PC has crashed, as they may give a clue as to what's going on. To get to Event Viewer in Win 11 press the Win key and the x key (both together) and click on the Event Viewer link. If there are any events logged, search online using the Event ID and Source information to find out what they mean and what may be the cause.

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I check the event viewer and the date when my computer restarts says that boot up was unexpected



Could be a hardware problem or a software problem.

For hardware make sure that the CPU is not getting too hot (fan OK?) and that the PSU is OK

For software check if there have been any updates around the time that the problem started. If so uninstall them and check if the problem stops

Also check that the video drivers are up to date as well.

It is difficult to find these kinds of problems as they are random. It is easier if the PC doesn't work at all


all my drivers are updated that time but imma try to check my cpu and psu


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