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A gaming PC is a personal computer specifically designed and optimized for playing video games.

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Why does my computer always bluescreen when playing games?

Hi guys, please answer this question. I am playing dota2 when suddenly it crashed then it goes bluescreen. I already brought it to the technician but still the same they say I should upgrade my RAM. What are your thoughts?

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Yes I am using windows


Sometimes just taking out the ram and replacing it again will stop random crashes occurring. This is because it will make a fresh electrical contact when RAM is taken out and put back in. ( best done on a damp day when there’s little electrical static)


We need more information. It is possible you need new RAM as that is often the result of bluescreens. But, we need more info.

What is the error code that shows on the bluescreen? Make sure to enable error codes to show on your bluescreen.

Second, run a memory diagnostic. To do this, go to the windows button, search 'memory diagnostic', and run the program. Or, hold down the keyboard keys 'Windows + R' and run the command 'mdsched'

Please report back the results of your bluescreen error codes/memory diagnostic


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Hey, your problem would probably be outdated graphics drivers. Here's a site on how to troubleshoot that:

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