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Fixed LCD No problem. Shut down & won't power back on?

Hello everyone at ifixIt! I need some advice or ideas why this might be happening. I recently Repaired a Gateway NV78 Laptop LCD and had no problems! I turned on the laptop and the display looked brand new!

Moments later it shut off completely as if the battery got ripped out.. I thought maybe it died but won't charge or power on! Just black screen emptiness... What happened!? Please help me suggestions, ideas, anything will help,

Thank you.

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I would definitely go back and re-do the repair and double check that your CMOS battery is intact and working, as well as all other cables, etc.

I've done repairs on laptops, missed one single cable, and had the same thing happen.

The only way to fix this is start from scratch and re-do the repair step by step ensuring all cables / screws / etc are correctly installed.

Worst case, you may have shorted something out (inverter?) when you turned it on which is causing it to stay off now.

Let me know how you make out!

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