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Model MD2614u / AMD Turion X2-64 2.1GHz dual-core processor

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Where is the internal Bluetooth port on Gateway MD2614u?

I want to install internal Bluetooth on Gateway MD2614u. Is there is any available slot/port where it can be installed. Also, what is the part number for the Bluetooth card.

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The Gateway MD2614u comes with bluetooth optionally. The Bluetooth module is available at places like this and here as well. Location of the plug is show in the images attached and should help. Good Luck

Block Image

Block Image

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I've scoured google for the past half hour and your best bet might be to purchase a dongle as I cannot find exactly what you'd need to install a bluetooth board. Unfortunately, gateway doesn't always provide free service manuals for their laptops.

However, if you could find a service manual, you'd be well on your way.

Only possible alternative is to email/call/contact gateway directly and see if they sell them or have available downloads.

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