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How to disassamble the housing of the insta 360 one in order to repair

Dear All,

can anyone send us a how-to / tutorial / link for disassambling the housing of the insta 360 one in order to repair it?

our kids sat on the stick while the camera was mounted and broke the screw-housing (near the SD-card insert) :-(

thank you very much in advance!


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which model is it?


the model is a "Insta360 ONE", it is really called like that - i believe it was one of the first models; but still works great :-)

the EAN Code is: 6970357850518

thank you very much for any help in advance! :-)


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im still not sure about the model, as there are many variations of the insta360 ONE

hope one of these are your model!

good luck with your repair!

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