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The Aspire 4730 contains a 14" HD display ideal for carefree multimedia enjoyment and communication on the go. It also boasts an Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor, Mobile Intel GL40 Express, 14.1" WXGA (1280 x 800) TFT LCD with Acer CrystalBrite Technology, and Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M.

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Shutdown self, then don't started

Laptop shutdown self, and then don't started. When power button pressed on - backlight on, cooler on and no any information on screen and don't any reaction to any button (capslock led don't on when caps pressed etc.). I think that videochip has termal damage, but i'm don't sure.

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It could be several possibilities, but based on your description I can't be sure.

Was it dropped or did you spill anything on it? Is it Hot? Did you buy it brand new or used? How old is it? What were you doing right before it shut down? Have you upgraded anything (ram/hard drive, etc)? Any recent (however irrelevant) repairs done? Anything loose (like the jack where you plug in the power plug)? If you take the battery out and plug it in does it still not work? How about with the battery in and the power plug out?

It could be the system board, the lcd screen, the inverter (if it has one separate from the board) or the power jack itself.

Being unresponsive to keyboard (caps lock light not on, etc) it could be the board or the power jack.

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This sounds familiar to me. I hope that I am wrong though. Sometimes Windows 7 Systems go into Sleep Mode but are unable to recover from this state. I have seen this only 3 times, 2 of those times it resulted in terminal damage to the mainboard.

Remove the battery from the machine and then leave the machine without the battery and without power from the charger for about 24 hours. This amount of time may seem excessive but this should fully eliminate any excess electrons (electricity) from every component on the mainboard. If after this approximate amount of time leave the battery out of machine and only attach the charger. Attempt to turn machine on and hopefully you should have LIFE.

If after all of this there is no change, I recommend returning it to your place of purchase for a warranty repair.

One very important thing to note. If you have send it for Warranty, 99 times out of 100 they WILL perform a full system recovery once repaired.

This is not what most repairers would normally do, it is only done by the manufacturers Repair Centres.

I hope that you have a backup of your most important files?

You MUST make it very clear that you would not like for them to do a system recovery, unless absolutely necessary. If they insist on performing the recovery, ask them if they can clone your hard drive if you buy another hard drive of the same size or larger. If they for some reason can't, then tell them that you wish to take the machine and new hard drive to a Computer Repairer and have them to perform a Disk Clone for you. Then after the disk is cloned you will bring it back for Warranty Repair.

If the repairer is a registered business then there should be no reason for the Repair Centre to void your warranty. I am a repairer, and I have performed this service before and have not voided a warranty for doing so.

Good luck, I hope you get LIFE back and do not have to send it away.

By the way I'm an Aussie, I spell Centre differently. Sorry if it confused anyone.

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