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The Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop is designed for powerful, portable, multimedia computing. It features a 15.4” WXGA Display running Microsoft Windows XP, with 1.6GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, and 80GB Hard Drive.

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Replacing the RTC battery on a Toshiba Satellite M45

I'm ready to take apart my M45 so I can replace the RTC battery. The laptop sometimes freezes up but comes back to life with a slap on the keyboard.

I hope the guide on iFixit will work for me, as I'm noticing bullet points leading me to believe this guide needs more work.

I'm happy to see the battery's on TOP of the board, so I don't think I have to remove the motherboard (yet).

What's the best way to remove the actual battery from its metal clip and the best way to seat the new battery? I don't know whether this battery is soldered on to the motherboard.

What battery is inside? My three best guesses are CR2032, CR2025, and CD2016.

Thanks for reading!


The full model number for this Toshiba laptop is M45-S265. HTH!

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lkvee, check this guide here. Step 27 shows you the location of the battery. It is soldered to the motherboard. It is a 3.0V 7mAH battery. Hope this helps, good luck.

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What is the full model #?

The M45 wasn't supported very well with service/repair manuals from gateway. If you google "take apart toshiba m45" you'll find guides but nothing describing how to replace the battery.

Best way to do it is look inside, see if it is the type that has the cmos battery soldered onto the board. If that's the case, I wouldn't attempt replacing it unless you or someone you knows is a pro at soldering, etc.

If not, it should be a relatively painless procedure to replace it. It's either a battery like you described, or one that's plugged into the board itself.

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