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1975-2011 (The picture is of a 2008 grand marquis)

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How do I reset door entry buttons

How do i find out the manufacturers pin code for keyless emtry

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Google your exact question, including exact make and year model and there should be instructions or even a video to help you.


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I believe you can do a Google search for your EXACT problem on your EXACT auto and there are written directions and a video that comes up if I remember correctly.

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You have to remove the drivers side door panel. After removing it, find the door control module. It is a (usually) black box on the Lower Right hand side of the door with a bunch of wires going to/from it. There should be a white label with the door code on it. That is the Master Door Code. You can program your keypad using that number. Though you can use that master code as your code, I do not recommend it. What I have done with my Ford and Merc vehicles is write down the code, adding a few numbers, on a piece of tape and put it under the dash in an inconspicuous place. By doing this you can have your code handy without tearing off the door panel and with adding a few numbers somewhere in the middle, will make it very hard for a nefarious person getting the code. I use a birthday, so if code is 459804 and the birthday I use is July 4th. The code written would be 459704804 or 450749804 or any combination of the date. 74 074 704 0704 - all for July 4

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