High Temperature & Water roaring under steering wheel Civic 2003

Any ideas would be truly appreciated. I have 2003 Honda Civic with 165,000 miles, Lately the Temperature rising up for my weekly trip to the work around 160 miles, the temperature is rising up when I almost 40 miles away from my destination, I have replaced the radiator and works fine for like 2 weeks then the issue appeared again, after that the water level in the radiator is notedly decreasing, today earlier i heard sound like water roaring coming from the area under the steering wheel,

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Hi @hussienmh,

Can you stop the vehicle when it appears to be overheating and check if there is any coolant leaking under the vehicle (or steam in the engine bay) or even in the vehicle?

Is the car interior heater control turned off, preventing the coolant from flowing through the heater core inside the cabin?

Are there any coolant stains in evidence on the engine anywhere indicating a leak?


@jayeff hi,

there is no evidence of any kind of leaking, also the heater always turned on.

I was thinking that it might be the heater radiator causing the issue.



Maybe try turning the heater off and check. With it turned off no coolant should flow through the heater core in the cabin.

If the coolant level is dropping it is either leaking or perhaps getting into the engine - white smoke from exhaust perhaps.

Check the oil on the dipstick and see if there appears to be coolant in it -grey looking or bubbles or check the coolant reservoir for signs of oil - thick milky looking


Older vehicles have a manual heater shutoff valve either vacuum controlled or by cable with the temperature dial or knob. Eliminating a shutoff valve as a possible leak source and possible failure part, other vehicles have continuous coolant flow thru heaters with a temperature door adjusting air flow thru the heater core.

With high mileage, was this cooling system ever flushed before or after radiator replacement? Was the thermostat replaced? T-stats can fail, stuck open or closed.


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