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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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Are NOS cell-phone batteries good?

Battery in S7 Edge is nearing EOL. I can find many aftermarket batteries, mostly via Amazon. The only place I can find actual Samsung batteries appears to be on eBay.

But they appear to be old stock, even if maybe "new". So, as a general question:

Will old, unused cell-phone batteries (6+years old) perform as new (assuming I believe an eBay battery is unused)?

And as an aside, this is intended as a general question regarding cell-phone batteries. Depending how it is listed, I am worried reads/answers/replies won't happen because it has a specific phone listed. I think there should be some category for a generic device

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There may be a small degredation over time, but assuming that the batteries were stored correctly, they shouldn't be too far degraded from their original capacity. Of course, if you run into issues you could always return the battery! Ebay's return policies are pretty good these days.

Hope this helps!

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A battery that has been sitting for that long will be degraded though how much so is hard to say. Also you don’t know what the storage conditions are and I would not be surprised if they aren’t even Samsung batteries but rather cheap knockoffs with the Samsung logo. iFixit sells the Galaxy S7 Edge Battery for only $32.99 in the US store and comes with a great return policy if for whatever reason something goes wrong.

Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Afbeelding


Galaxy S7 Edge Battery


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