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How to fix central locking system that wont work properly

Hi, so my car, a Mercedes-Benz C220 W203 from 2004 is doing a thing where it won't unlock or lock remotely from the key fob. I went to a guy who said it could be the SAM but I changed it and still won't do its thing. It happened to work once or twice when i was clicking my key multiple times and somehow it worked then the day after stopped working. I also changed the battery. Any help, advice or answer is welcomed.

Thank you.

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Hi I driving Mercedes Benz w202 c280 when I put the key on does not respond what is the problems anyone that can help on that


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Hi @dannyb8985

I realize that you have replaced the battery in the fob but have you checked that the key fob is working OK?

Here's a video that in general shows what to check and here's another video about problems in a Mercedes Benz key fob.

Not 100% but maybe there's something wrong that can be seen or tested in the fob for your vehicle

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Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try it out and see what I can do.


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