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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Can I replace the 120GB hard drive for a 128GB SSD? (A1238)

Hi everyone, I have this ipod classic 6th gen, 120GB, dead hard drive and a bad battery conector. Can I replace the hard drive with one of these SSD adapters? And the other question, can I solder back the bad connector of the battery back to the motherboard? hope you can help me

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@raul20050409 to resolder the battery connector is a tricky repair since the connector is an SMD part. It is soldered on top of the board. This requires some special skills, but it is doable. Check this video for more insight. You can get the part from places like this If you are not sure about your skills of getting it done, you might just want to try somebody with some board level soldering experience. If you have the part and the board out of your iPod, it should be straight forward and not too expensive. Make sure that the cost for the part and the repair do not exceed that cost for a new logic board.


@oldturkey03 Thank you so much, hope i can get this iPod in working conditions again, I have the part (the conector) still stuck on the battery flex, it was a "clean" accident so the conector is OK, just need some flux and a soldering station. The hard drive i checked and I can in deed change it for the SSD atached in the first message


@raul20050409 Let me know if you are successful or need help finding any parts.


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I would recommend the iFlash Solo. I would also recommend this SD card with it. Let me know if you have questions, need different links, and/or when you have bought the items.

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Yeah, the SSD idea is cool but its far too janky, awful battery life and it corrupts itself if the battery entirely dies, also gets pretty hot which isn't good for anything else in it either


@ezzgen I've got a 4th gen classic iPod that's been converted from a 20 GB hard drive to a 128 GB SD card. No problems with corruption, heat or battery life. In fact, since the SSD takes much less power than a mechanical hard drive, I expect battery life to be substantially better. It's also a lot lighter to carry around.


@dadibrokeit SD card yes, not M.2 or SATA "SSD" as was mentioned. The two are quite different


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