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Power Up Viper22A IC With 9V Battery?

Hey there! This may be a stupid question, but can I power up a Viper22A IC in circuit with a 9V battery? I have a powered speaker that keeps blowing fuses so I can’t take any voltage readings from the Viper22A. I noticed on the spec sheet it says Vdd can be anywhere between 9-38V. Here is the data sheet for the Viper22A. Thank you!

Here is a schematic and some pictures.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I don't see any point in trying to power the VIPer22A externally, since it is a Switch Mode Power Supply chip, which means it controls the power supply, not the amplifier.

What is the reading of the fuse that keeps blowing? Have you had this speaker for a while, or is it new to you? What is the mains voltage (power coming from the wall outlets) in your country?

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Hi Andy and thanks so much for replying to my question! I should have mentioned that the powered speaker has blown the 2 switching mosfets in the SMPS, so I’m thinking there is a problem in the SMPS. The fuse is a T 6.3V H 250V. The powered speaker is 10 years old. I’m in the US so mains is 110V, 60 cycle.


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