Switch won't connect to Dock

Hello, I'm hoping this makes enough sense. I've been doing a lot of digging and am sort of stuck without an answer.

The Issue: My switch won't connect to its dock.
I've tried to power cycle the unit, I've made sure all the cords are connected in the correct order, all software is up to date and I'm using the official Nintendo cords that came with the console. I've taken it to a friends house to see if it was just my dock, but it won't connect to his either, so I thought it could be the usb c port on my console. I've checked the port on my console and everything looks clean and in place - no obvious debris as far as my amateur eye can tell. Additionally, the switch will connect and charge when I plug the usb c cable directly into the console. I did, however, notice that the power cable for the dock seems to be broken. It won't charge the console or other devices I've tested it on. To clarify I have the console power cable (seems broken) and the stand alone usb c cable that seems to work when connecting to the switch console, but not the dock.

Last bit of info: I purchased the console used a few years ago, but it seemed in good condition and hadn't given me any issues until now. The original owner swapped out the back plate but I wasn't fond of the color so I swapped it out again. I didn't have to dig into the console to swap it out, so the motherboard and ports were untouched, as far as I know.

Any help or advice would be wonderful! Willing to send it in to a shop if needed, but always enjoy troubleshooting myself until I hit a wall.


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