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Sporadic shut down, what could it be?

My MacBook Pro, either identical or nearly so, suddenly failed in precisely the same manner. Before finding Michael's comments I performed similar troubleshoothing, including battery removal, with the same results - even with the battery disconnected the sudden abrupt shutdowns persist.

I'm essentially certain my battery's in good condition and there is no history of liquid spills or other contamination events of any kind.

It seems clear that this is an internal hardware failure of some kind. I've already alternately swapped the SODIMMs, confirming that they're not related to the failure.

Next I'll disconnect the hard and optical drives, then confirm that the abrupt shut downs persist. If so I'll look at voltage rails, starting at the external power converter's mag safe connector. Due to the strikingly abrupt nature of the shutdowns I suspect sudden overloads (or perhaps complete shorts) cause the external power converter to shut down in protection mode.

If so I'll look for an intermittent component.

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@Bruce Campbell - if your battery checker is blinking they your battery is bad. Batteries also loose their ability to hold a charge as they age a battery which is four to five years needs replacing just due to age. Often times the cycle count is also above 700 so the need is sooner. Your battery only has at best 1k of cycles.

I do find this App very helpful! CoconutBattery post a snapshot of the main window with the battery tab opened here so we can see things as well.

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Thanks Dan, but there seems to be a misunderstanding. Even with the battery completely and entirely disconnected the sudden abrupt shutdowns persist. So it's clear that this problem can't possibly be related to the battery, since it had no electrical connection at all during that test.

So some other failure is afoot. I've already confirmed that the SODIMMs aren't the cause, but had to set further tests aside due to other pressing agenda. As soon as I can resume work I'll proceed as I described in the last two paragraphs of my last post.

But just to clarify, this cannot possibly be a battery issue since the abrupt shutdowns persist even when the battery is entirely disconnected.


@Bruce Campbell - OK, that does aim us more to a connection that is failing due to the logic board heating up or a failing component within the logic board. That is if the battery checker is not blinking. The MagSafe connection can be dirty as well so with no battery the connecting is the stable enough so it could mis-lead you!


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