when turned off it won't start back up.

I have the same problem, new starter, battery . AFTER TAKING OUT THE PLUG, SPINNING IT A FEW TIMES, i use my truck to jump it off. Sometimes it has enough power to start,, but when turned off it won't start back up. New everything I could think of What's next?

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Note it is a 19 1/2 hp Briggs and stratton,


@beretta92, If you have a brand new battery in, but it still won’t crank, but it will if you jump it from your cars battery, then your battery doesn’t have enough CCA (cold cranking amperes) to spin the engine.

If it’s a newer engine (late 2010’s and later) it’s a high compression engine, and it needs a very good battery in order to crank. Especially if the engine doesn’t have a built-in decompression valve!

What is the make of your small engine machine, and it’s engine?



What is the model number of the mower?


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