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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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My Note9 says no network conct, yet connected and not thru wifi

Can't call or text , says no network connection but I can do anything online and not using wifi, my icons on top rt show data connect with arrows but signal bars have x thru them wifi is not turned on i have talked with network tech and gone thru trouble shooting too many times got new sim and problem happened again, I am having to use a wifi calling app so I can make phone calls outside of Mesgr.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Does it work if you try your sim card in another phone? Could the phone be network locked? Have you tried it with another SIM card?

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Woah this is the second sim card it did something similar to this but I had no connectivity what so ever the first time, wait now that I think about it all this started when I got a text to get a new sim to get on 5g and when I got the new sim I first could not make calls or text tech fixed that but I could not send pic msgs got a new sim and it worked ok still could not send pic msgs then all of a sudden I can't call or text so idk what the problem is, we, me and tech support, came to conclusion that it was a ack that sent the message about 5g sim but idk why this problem happened again after new sim


I have not tried it in another device bc if the sim is bad I don't want to mess up anyone else things still not sure what the problem.


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