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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Samsung, a South Korean engineering and technology company.

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Washer stops mid-cycle, won't run again until left alone for while

Hello everyone!
I have been dealing with my samsung f500 washing machine (not the device listed in the title on ifixit, because my washer isn't featured on the list), which is pretty new (12 months old).
Basically, it will run flawlessly. Whatever wash I pick, it is happy and gets on with it. However, if I run another wash within 8-24 hours (it varies), the wash will stop somewhere near the beginning of the cycle, at a point where it has to spin. There, it will jerk a few times as if it's trying to spin and finally stop, with neither the timer ticking down, nor the cycle continuing.

Any wash cycle, even a stopped one (as described above) will "reset" this arbitrary clock, meaning that it takes another long wait afterwards until the washer will wash again.

This goes for every kind of cycle. Even if it successfully runs a spin and drain cycle - for example - it will stop during the next cottons cycle.

I have tested all individual functions (filling, spinning, draining, etc.) separately using the diagnostic mode. I have cleaned and cleared every tube and part that I can access with basic household tools and determination. I have disconnected and reconnected all electronic parts and checked them for wear or obvious damage (none, since it's still very new).
And so, I am perplexed. None of the parts I thought might be the issue are showing any faults when run individually, and the machine does run fine every so often. However, sometimes I need to run two washes in a day, and that clearly causes it to be very upset.

I appreciate anyone who might be able to share some insight. I don't know much about washers except what I've gathered with a few days' research online into common faults and scouring google and various forums for fixes.

Have a great day!

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I would check the warranty on the washer.

I know it depends on location but a lot of newer Samsung washers have a 24 month warranty.

if it is still within the warranty period, get it checked out that way.


Always good advice! Unfortunately I'm just out of my warranty on this one...



What happens if you "reset" the machine when it stops by disconnecting the power for 5 minutes?

Will it start again OK (if you program it again)?


When resetting the machine, it doesn't reset the ability to run. After a reset it will run until a certain point in the cycle (seemingly the first time it needs to spin, but not always) and then stop again.


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Check that the drain hose is not kinked or frozen and not clogged with anything.

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Thanks for this! I have already cleared and moved it around, trying different locations and positions for it to drain. It works perfectly and drains as intended.


No problem Sam!


Just to clarify, this was the case before. The washer currently still has the issues described in my post... I wasn't clear about that, sorry!


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Hi, I've had the same problem. Disconnect your washing machine from the mains, give it 5-10 mins, and connect it back. I know how silly this sounds and I was sceptical about it too, but it worked the trick. This won't fix the actual problem but will make your washing machine function normally. I tend to keep it disconnected at all times and connect it back only when I do my washing. The problem has not returned for a good 3-4 months now.

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