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Pulsar watch - barely used doesn’t operate

My son had a Pulsar watch given as a gift some years ago. It was still in its original case. I changed the battery and followed the instructions for the initial starting which said to swing the watch in a horizontal arc for about 30 seconds. After swinging the watch in an arc several times I can’t get the watch to operate. Is there anything else I can try to get this going? I imagine the cost of repair will exceed its value so I’m likely to just trash it unless someone knows how to wake it up.

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@drmdolfan would you have a model number for this watch?


@oldturkey03 The instructions say NPSA01. Online I found one which appears to look the same and it says “Pulsar Men's Black NPSA01 watch, Model Number PS9101, Water Resistant 100 M, In Box, (1)”. The back of the case states “ST.STEEL MOVEMENT JAPAN VJ42-X051”


@strongbow yes I did put in a standard battery. The instruction states that it is not a rechargeable battery and never to attempt to recharge it.


@drmdolfan I can’t understand why you have to swing it in an arc? I have never heard that from a manufacturer about a quartz watch. Normally you swing a watch so the counterweight powers the watch.


@strongbow it states to swing the watch in a horizontal arc when starting the watch for the first time. I wore it and tapped on it all day yesterday with no success so I guess I’ll dump it - too bad because I liked the look of it. Thanks.


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If you had to swing it in an arc it’s not your bog standard quartz watch. Also did you change the battery for the exact same model number? The battery should be rechargeable as it gets charged by wrist movement. If you fitted a standard battery it could damage the watch. If it’s the correct battery I’d tell him to wear the watch for a day or two and see if the movement kicks it into life.

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