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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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Device will not boot - what might I need to fix?

I have a 1st gen iPod mini. It is 4 Gig. Model A1051. The capacity is not printed on the back though.

We left it in our iPod Logitec speaker system (which also recharges the battery) too long. My wife brought it to me a while back after being connected to the system. It was not working, and the mini was hot to the touch. Not sure if the battery overheated or what.

The device does not boot now. I just hear the hard drive clicking like a stuck record. The battery is the original.

I am sure the drive is shot (unless it just needs a new cable). I know it could use a new battery. I am concerned the hard drive may not be the only thing needing replacement (due to how hot the device got).

I do not want to replace everything (drive, cable, battery, board) since I can get a new one for about the same cost.

I would appreciate any recommendations on how to proceed (fixing or replacing).

Thanks in advance.

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John Ward, I would definitely start with the battery, it is the cheaper solution. Use this guide to get to it iPod Mini Battery Replacement and the battery is available right here iPod mini Battery as well as many other places. Since you will have to disassemble your iPod anyway, you might want to replace the microdrive as well. Here are the instructions iPod Mini Hard Drive Replacement If you do a good Google search for the battery as well as the drive, I am certain that the repair will definitely be more economical than you might think. Also, consider replacing the HDD with a CF memory card, less likely to fail later on. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod mini Battery Afbeelding


iPod mini Battery


iPod Mini Battery Afbeelding


iPod Mini Battery Replacement



25 - 45 minutes

iPod Mini Hard Drive Afbeelding


iPod Mini Hard Drive Replacement



20 - 30 minutes

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Holy Moly. It works. I replaced the hard drive with an old CF card I had, reformatted, restored - and my ipod mini works again! Yippee!


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