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How to remove a 203 transfer case from 77 chevy truck transmission

I need to remove transfer case from transmission. On a 77 chevy truck 203 transfer case

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chris, check on here . In principal, the same setup


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chris, just check with Autozone. They do have a great variety of manuals :-) Here it goes :

"Raise and support the truck.

Drain the transfer case.

Disconnect the speedometer cable, back-up light switch, and the TCS switch.

If necessary, remove the skid plate and crossmember support.

Disconnect the front and rear driveshafts and support them out of the way.

On New Process 205 models, disconnect the shift lever rod from the shift rail link.

On New Process 203 models, disconnect the shift levers at the transfer case.

Remove the transfer case-to-frame mounting bolts.

Support the transfer case and remove the bolts attaching the transfer case to transmission adapter.

Move the transfer case to the rear until the input shaft clears the adaptor and lower the transfer case from the truck.

Installation is the reverse of removal." Information is available on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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