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Why can’t I get my Minolta maxuum 2800 flash to go off when snap a pic

I have a maxuum 7000 with a maxuum 2800 flash. The flash works in the test mode but will not go off when attached to the camera. What am I doing wrong?

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With the flash unit connected to the camera, does the flash signal in the viewfinder blink, when you turn the flash unit power switch on, (see image below for location of flash symbol)?

If not check that the flash unit is connected correctly and check that the connections are clean and bright so as to have a good electrical connection.

Block Image

(click on image)

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I don’t see a flash indicator in the view finder



Are the "metering indicators" showing that the settings have to be adjusted?

The user manual states that it has TTL (through the lens) metering in all modes so the flash should fire automatically if the light is not good enough.

Have you checked that the hot shoe connections on the camera and the flash unit seem to be OK?

I can't find a service manual for either unit so unfortunately I can help any more.


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